Ari O'Rotti Restaurant


Being happy does not always require a brand new Maserati and a luxurious villa. At most times, happiness comes from home and from food.

Having a lot of expatriates around Dubai makes it very challenging to find an authentic cuisine which is cooked and served like the ones from your home country. Most food tastes different and most are adapted to the place. Likewise, finding a decent and genuine diner that feels and serves food like home is such a haunt.

Well, I have found one place that serves a genuine taste of Thalassery. Yes, the real taste of Thalassery is here! Thalassery is a city in Kerala, India. Feeling excited to explore another type of Indian cuisine, I am privileged to have been there for dinner.

I was thinking of a restaurant that looks similar to other Indian diners where I visited. To my surprise, the place is huge and spacious. It has an interior of mixed Roman and Italian feel; pastel colors of wallpapers and intricate moldings which hold a winding and elaborate impression of the place. 

rotti-inside-2 rotti-inside


Impressed, I sat on one comfortable and cushioned couch. This place is underrated, I should say! This could have been situated inside hotels. Anyhow, I was expecting an equally impressive quality of food with what I have in awe with the place. 

Ari O’Rotti serves Indo-Chinese cuisines. The starter called, Chicken Pulinaranga was first on track. Pulinaranga means “lemon“; hence the taste. It has mustard and red chilli. Upon serving, I could already smell the aroma of lemon. More surprised, its recipe is homemade. It might have the same concept with other Lemon Chicken dishes but it is unique in its taste, purely homey.



The starter did not end there. Another one, “Kung Pao” was served. There was chilli, capsicum, cucumber and peanuts. I should say I could eat this at any time of the day. The chicken meat is cooked fresh and it is tender. If you love spicy food, you can see how chilis rejoiced with the meat. Savoury in a way, and tasty, I must say! For this, I just hope cucumbers are colder and crisper. 



I was requesting for a VERY SPICY dish. Very well-anticipated, here comes their Devil Chicken for the main combat. Hello, chilis! These are chicken slices, mixed with an overwhelming amount of chilli seeds, cooked with the Rotti’s sauce. I must say I was not able to consume the whole lot! It was served perfectly as what I requested and how it was supposed to be.

rotti-devil-chicken rotti-devil-chicken-2


After such profuse meal, the dining experience was sealed with two flavors of homemade ice cream. I learned that such desserts are made by the owner himself; leaving a legacy to its diners and keeping its recipe concealed and mysterious. Come on, these ones are really superb! My taste buds fell in love with the Elaneer Ice Cream. It’s made with tender coconut, topped with cashew and pistachios. I could really taste the coconut; it was so creamy and oh, so yummy! Meanwhile, the other flavor, “Tomato Ice Cream” was unique in itself. First time to hear about such kind, I tried and did not regret. However, the Elaneer remained undisputed, truly the best!

rotti-coconut-ice-cream rotti-tomato-ice-cream


Over two years, Ari O’Rotti has been keeping loyal customers because of their food and services. They also host meetings and other functions, to which all caterings are skilfully done. There are also high chairs for toddlers and the place is kid-friendly. For families, this place is highly recommended as it is also located inside Madina Mall. 

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