Keep your friends close, and your food closer.

Here’s a place we discover that is totally great! Talk about food, they are a deli! Talk about accessibility, it is close to metro stations. Talk about staff and service, they are cordial and professional. Talk about the ambiance, it is perfect!

Downtown Cafe is one of the best restaurants you can ever visit to. All food is 100% Halal, they bake their own bread, everything is fresh, and they serve 100% fat-free dishes upon customer request.

Kill your stress out with their Killer Shake! Marshmallows, tasty brownies, Maltesers side-ies, almonds, and not-to-mention, a lot of chocolate all over! When we had this, we could stare at it for minutes and couldn’t even decide where to start with!

This is the only “Killer” that makes you super alive! Try it yourself! 

DT Killer Shake Nutella AED35/- Swiss Chocolate AED40/-


Let me tell you this, I have never been a fan of onions but munched these up to the last ring; prawns are fresh and scrunchy – all dipped into a sweet and spicy sauce. This is a very enticing starter for a sumptuous meal on the way. 

Downtown Cafe dishes are mouth-watering and delectable. They serve clubs, sandwiches, pasta, sizzlers, steaks, and a lot more. Food quality and quantity are of reasonable costs. You can’t even expect such pleasurable platters are tagged with average prices. 


Downtown Cafe doesn’t only amaze you with their food. They leave you in awe with the ambiance of the place. They have a library nook in Victorian style which shelters medieval to contemporary books and periodicals. Stack-crashing Jenga and brainer, Chess are just two of DT’s boardgames that you and your friends can summon and revel while and after eating. 

Sit and relax on their Victorian cushions of high recliners and classic woods. Not-to-mention, their illuminated place adds to the overall dining experience. Oopsie woopsie, DT does not have wifi. You actually don’t need to because real connections are right in front of you!

Talk, interact, connect, eat, play – oh, life!


Downtown Cafe is located in Doha Street, Zabeel Road, Al Karama Dubai.


Weekdays : 12:00 PM to 1:00 AM

Weekends : 2:00 AM to 3:00 AM

Visit them today and share with us your experiences! 

Laughter is brightest where food is best. -Irish Proverb


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