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Discover Sheira Beauty & Ladies Nail Spa


  Located in the heart of Dubai, Sheira Beauty & Ladies Nail Spa has been providing the highest standard quality of beauty services. Its services range from unique and stylish cuts, perms, colors, to posh nails, and waxing works. Its…

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Caractere Salon Group: You hair’s new address


With a passion on fire and sheer love for beauty and fashion, Caractere Salon Group has been established since 1992. Its aim is to inspire and encourage men and women to see all possibilities of alternative looks and better ways…

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Best of Tanning and Beauty starts here!

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Tanning Zone Salon is one of Dubai’s most-visited tanning center and salon. It has been attracting and accommodating patrons and walk-in customers and tourists for the best tanning results and holistic relaxation. Providing an ambiance of beauty and tranquility, its…